The Settings tab allows to fine-tune various behaviors and parameters of the application.


Excessive Tracking - Declares whether all possible changes in the document should be tracked. Popup Dialogs - Determines if warning popups should be shown to the user.

Some of the plugins may change the existing geometry for eg. Displacement or Rounded Edges but will not notify about it so the distribution may not be updated accordingly. Excessive Tracking tries to overcome this limitation but may also react to unwanted events like for eg. layer color change.


Display Limit - Specifies the number of elements that are previewed in the viewport. Keep in mind that this does not affect the real elements count. Render Preview - Enables distribution preview during rendering. Leaving this setting disabled save RAM resources for rendering purposes. Default Appearance - Defines the default appearance of a freshly added Entity. Sample Limit - Controls the number of samples used for creating point clouds. Object Shading - Enables shading of preview objects in viewport modes that use shading. Texture Sampling - Decides whether the entity preview object should use the color identifier or underlying texture for the preview.

Setting the Display Limit parameter too high can have a significant impact on overall performance and display framerate. It's recommended to keep it in a reasonable range.


Primary Scope Default - Declares the default affiliation state for Primary Scope. Alternate Scope Relation - Determines whether the newly added scopes should be set in the opposite affiliation state to Primary Scope.


User Library Directory - Specifies the path to the directory where user presets should be kept.

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