Library Browser


The Library Browser lets to preview and import pre-made presets along with their dependencies based on chosen options.

Directory Tree

The Directory Tree consists of two primary folders and one optional tag. First, the Library is the location of presets folder in the Rhino Nature Data Directory provided during installation. Second, the User Library is the location where user presets are stored. Third, the Custom Directories tag lists all custom folders added by the user. Those can be added or removed using the appropriate buttons above the directory tree.

User Library Directory can be changed in the Settings tab.

Preset Grid

The Preset Grid displays previews of available presets for the picked folder in the Directory Tree or matching ones for the asked query in the search bar above it. Its area is divided into three parts. On the top, the Options Strip can be found. In the middle, the actual grid is located. The bottom left-hand side contains the description of the currently selected preset, while on the bottom right-hand side the grid size control slider can be found. Right-clicking on selected preset will open the context menu with the ability to edit preset information or to find the file in the file browser. Keep in mind that editing of the factory or content creators presets is locked to prevent accidental data corruption.

Options Strip

The Options Strip allows choosing import details for the currently picked preset in the Preset Grid. It contains three kinds of options Renderer, Geometry, and Material.

Renderer - Declares to which render engine imported materials should be adapted. Geometry - Specifies what type of geometry should be imported into the document. Usually, full or proxy geometry provided for the supported render engine, though it can be something custom. Material - Determines how to handle the material assignment if imported one matches another already existing in the document.

It's worth mentioning that options for those kinds are preset-driven. It means that the same set of options that is valid for one preset may not be available for another one.

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