Live Link Component


The Live Link Component transfers data structures produced by Rhino Nature to the Grasshopper's environment and keeps them up to date.


Ecosystem Data [ED] (Generic data) - List of Ecosystem Data objects which should be passed to the Decompose Component in order to retrieve desired internal structures.

Display Preview - Enables or disables Rhino Nature's preview. Usually to prevent overlapping of previewed objects in the Rhino's viewport. This setting is shared across all instances of this component in the Grasshopper document.


Single Live Link Component provides a list of all existing Ecosystems which are set as Renderable. To achieve the best performance one component should be used per one Grasshopper document.

The component indicates its state with a label attached below it. A connected state means that it successfully linked with Rhino Nature and is receiving data. A disconnected state means that it encountered an issue during linking and isn't receiving data. Usually, because of the not loaded base plugin in Rhino's environment.

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