This section describes licensing model as well as its handling within the application.


The purchased license is perpetual and applies to the major version. Licensing system is based on a node-locked licensing model. A node-locked license allows executing software on a designated computer.


Trial License - a time-limited 15-day single-device evaluation license. Single License - a single-device license. Indie License - a license for two devices but allowing to run one at a time. Requires revenue less than $100k in the tax year. Volume License - a license for multiple devices. NFR License - a license that is granted solely at the discretion and strict conditions.

Managing License

Managing license requires running Rhinoceros with administrator rights. Once you download and install Rhino Nature, then launch Rhinoceros you will see the licensing popup.


Clicking Manage license will open for you the Options window with the Rhino Nature section selected. At this point you can get a trial license by clicking the Request trial license button, an active internet connection is required. In case your device is not allowed to connect to the internet you can request a trial license using another device visiting the offline trial page and providing Device UID and Request Code obtained after clicking the mentioned button. After that, you need to transfer the license file to the offline device and open it via the License Key area context menu (Right-click → Open).


If you already purchased a commercial license first you need to assign your device to the license. To do that you need to visit the Licenses section in your customer account on the Rhino Nature website and open license details using the 🛈 icon next to the license you would like to manage. You will see now a summary of the license and button Add device allowing you to assign your device(s) to your license, after clicking it you will be asked to provide your Device UID. It can be copied from the above described section via the Device UID area context menu (Right-click → Copy) and pasted in.

After confirming your Device UID the licensing system will generate the license compatible with your device(s). To load it inside Rhino you can reload Rhino Nature section in an Options window and it will autoload your license from the server. If you have already a different license loaded (e.g. Trial) you can copy/save the new one and paste/open using context menu. To finalize the whole procedure, all you need to do is click the Activate license button.

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