A summary of a simple yet robust solution to connect Rhino Nature with your application.

The Rhino Nature Bridge namespace exposes the Link class that provides a set of methods allowing for seamless communication for managed as well as unmanaged code. It is meant to bypass complex Rhino internal structures and focus on the most important elements usable on both ends. In addition to that, it allows performing live updates whenever new data arrives.

The most typical use case is communication between Rhino Nature and a rendering engine. The advantage of this solution is giving your user the ability to render millions of objects using your own instancing routines without overloading system resources as well as the host application. In both cases, managed and unmanaged, it is prepared wisely not to collide with various policies without the need of using external third-party dependencies during the compilation. Communication is done via COM object available to anyone at runtime. There are available header and example files that will boil your work down to the bare minimum, hooking wires to appropriate places. Those are supplied along with the installer and are located under the API subfolder in the installation directory.

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