Field of View


The Field of View rollout gives an opportunity to optimize distribution based on the camera parameters.


Allows the user to specify which camera to use for optimization. The dropdown lists all Named Views provided in the document.


Near - Specifies the distance between the camera and near clipping plane. Far - Specifies the distance between the camera and far clipping plane. Inflate - Defines the percentage ratio of the inflation of the camera frustum volume. Offset - Controls the offset of the camera frustum volume.

The Near and Far parameters serve as the beginning and end of the falloff interval. It is worth mentioning that both are used by the falloff regardless of the on-ness state of this constraint.

Density Falloff

The Density Falloff enables the reduction of elements based on the camera position and provided Limit parameters to save memory resources and cut down render times. Please refer to the Falloff Graph section for a detailed explanation of its parameters.


Look At - Affects the way the rotation is applied over the distribution. Note that it supports multiple targets, so it is a very handy option to group people or make them focus on certain spots.

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