The Entities rollout allows managing entities of the selected ecosystem.
Color ID - Defines the color identifier of the entity. Name - Specifies the name of the entity. Contribution - Determines the entity occurrence probability in the distribution.

Buttons Strip

Add Entity - Adds a new entity.
Delete Entity - Deletes the selected entity.
Normalize Contribution - Normalizes all contribution values.
Edit Entity - Allows editing of the selected entity.
Replace Entity - Replaces the selected entity.
Adapt Multiple - Adapts the properties of multiple entities at once.

Entity Properties

Appearance - Defines the appearance of the selected entity in the viewport preview. Local Size - Specifies the initial size parameter of the selected entity. It is considered while checking different constraints like Boundary Check or Collisions. Local Scale - Determines the initial scale of the selected entity. Local Offset - Controls the initial offset of the selected entity along its Z-axis. Useful for eg. when creating leaves layer laying on the lawn.