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The Scopes rollout allows managing scopes of the selected ecosystem.
Name - Specifies the name of the scope. Type - Indicates the type of the scope. This parameter is not editable.
The Primary type scope is automatically created based on provided domains. Note that it always appears as first and is not movable.

Buttons Strip

Add Scope - Adds a new scope.
Delete Scope - Deletes the selected scope.
Select Scope - Selects the scope geometry in the document.
Flip Scope Relations - Changes all affiliation values to the opposite.
Move Up - Moves the selected scope up on the list.
Move Down - Moves the selected scope down on the list.

Scope Properties

Affiliation - Controls whether the selected scope should include or exclude elements. Blending - Changes the way the falloffs are applied to influenced elements by the selected scope. Thickness - Specifies the thickness of the selected scope.
Note that Thickness is only available for the Curve domain type.

Boundary Check

Type - Defines the type of boundary check to perform. Size - Determines the size multiplier of the entity size parameter. Distance - Specifies the distance from the boundary.


Amount - Determines the leaning influence amount. Distance - Specifies the leaning influence distance.

Density & Scale Falloff

The Density & Scale Falloff enables the reduction and scaling of elements based on the provided distance from the scope to achieve more believable and natural edges. Please refer to the Falloff Graph section for a detailed explanation of its parameters.